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Zafena ICT combines knowledge of Information, Communication and Technology into novel solutions.

As a new user, you are welcome to examine some of the ICT building blocks that we develop and use for robust information, communication and technology. Have fun!

Improved wireless sensor communication technology

In 2020 Zafena ICT commissioned Jausoft to improve wireless sensor communication. Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, is a wireless technology used by many medical sensors since 2015. We decided to extend the TinyB project, a building block used to communicate with BLE sensors, to support fast and robust low level direct access to the Low energy Bluetooth BLE adapter chip using the platform independent HCI API. The result is a new implementation to access Bluetooth called Direct-BT. By using Direct-BT Zafena ICT can provide robust Bluetooth communication with quick connection and transmission times from modern low power wireless medical sensors for its POC-Workstation product.

Improved graphical information technology.

In 2019 we worked with Jausoft to extend Jogamp JOGL to support initialization of the OpenGL graphics library directly from textmode on embedded Linux. To demonstrate this the following video show how an embedded hardware solution can initialize OpenGL directly at early startup with retained human input capabilities. This technology can be used to reduce startup time on a complex medical device and still have access to modern technology for graphical information display and user input.

The compact embedded device is using a custom power-board card designed by Zafena that provide stable and noise free power, ideal to power medical equipment. The Raspberry Pi 4 is rendering graphics using OpenGL, hardware accelerated, on the attached monitor.

About Zafena ICT

Hi there! I’m here to collaborate with you to create a working workflow for self-monitoring using medical devices and sensors at your home. Zafena ICT are experts at understanding medical devices and sensors, we have worked with them for more than 20 years. We can assist you and you caregiver to let you keep in touch, securely, with your doctor even if you are miles apart.

…or something like this:

The Zafena product POC-Workstation for workflow automation was designed in 2015 based on the Connector software and hardware solution that has been deployed since 2010 in primary healthcare. The Connector software was initially called the Demonstrator, a proof of concept for home monitoring, founded in 2005. Demonstrator was invented by a team of coagulation experts that have been working with devices since 1995.

Zafena ICT develops and supports the software and hardware solutions used by products provided by Zafena AB in Sweden and Zafena AS in Norway. We export out solutions globally. Get in touch!