About Zafena ICT

Hi there! I’m here to collaborate with you to create a working workflow for self-monitoring using medical devices and sensors at your home. Zafena ICT are experts at understanding medical devices and sensors, we have worked with them for more than 20 years. We can assist you and you caregiver to let you keep in touch, securely, with your doctor even if you are miles apart.

…or something like this:

The Zafena product POC-Workstation for workflow automation was designed in 2015 based on the Connector software and hardware solution that has been deployed since 2010 in primary healthcare. The Connector software was initially called the Demonstrator, a proof of concept for home monitoring, founded in 2005. Demonstrator was invented by a team of coagulation experts that have been working with devices since 1995.

Zafena ICT develops and supports the software and hardware solutions used by products provided by Zafena AB in Sweden and Zafena AS in Norway. We export out solutions globally. Get in touch!